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Tips and Tricks - for R and Excel

On this page you can find tips, tricks and hints for using both R and Excel. At the end of each tip there are links forwards and backwards as appropriate. There is also an index of R tips and an index of Excel tips.

For most analytical purposes the combination of Excel and R is unbeatable! Excel is great as a data management tool and for preparing data for analysis. You can also use it to get an overview of your data or to make simple (and not so simple) graphs. R is an analytical "swiss army knife" and can carry out a mind-boggling array of analytical routines as well as producing great graphics.

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Adding data series to an Excel chart


Adding data series to an Excel chart

So, you've used the Insert menu item to select a chart type and need to add some data. Make sure that you click once on the blank chart and select the Home > Chart Tools > Design menu. Click the Select Data button and you will see a menu window that will allow you to "build" a chart. If your graph is blank you'll be able to select data and if your graph already contains data you'll be able to add extra data series and edit/modify existing data.


Use the Add button on the left to choose the data. You'll be able to select:

  • A name for the series (this will appear in any legend).
  • The values for the y-axis.
  • Values for the x-axis.


If your data are a scatter plot with x,y values then the values will appear in the box on the right once you return to the Select Data Source menu. If the data are categorical (or you do not select any), you can select the data using the Edit button on the right side of the Select Data Source menu box.

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